Achillo is a fanmade vivosaur made by Charizard Rider.

Flavor Text description: One of the strongest raptors out there, achillo is a great team player and the second most feared raptor. however, its skills are unusable to new fighters.

Ability: Warrior's Spirit- boosts attack if hit with a bad status condition.


  • Warrior's swipe- deals 60 base damage- 75 fp
  • Heroic combo- deals 120 bade damage- 150 fp
  • Battler's Toxin- deals 140 bade damage, gold poison of 75 percent- 210 fp
  • Motivational howl- raises target's attack- 25 fp
  • Team Skill- Achilles Firestorm- silver poison, 177 bade power, 300 fp