Appalachio is a fanmade vivosaur made by Hellfire King Char.

Fossillary infoEdit

  • Genus: Appalachiosaurus
  • Era: Cretaceous
  • Discovered: U.S.A
  • Diet: Carnivore

Fossilary: This mysterious Tyrannosaur was once thought to have long, 3-fingered forelegs.

Flavor text descriptionEdit

Appalachio is a ferocious AZ attacker. Its Auto Counter ability alongside its high LP and Attack, plus Scare, Excite, and Infection, makes it a good, all-around Vivosaur. 

Battle InfoEdit


Ability- Auto Counter: Will return damage if attacked.


Appalachio Bite: 50 base damage, 75 LP

Mountain Range Combo: 125 base Damage, 150 FP, has a 50% Chance of silver excitement

Mountain's Wrath: 175 Base Damage, 75% Chance of Gold Scare, 225 FP

Toxic Terrain: 100% Chance of Infection, 275 LP

Team Skill: Raging Earthquake: 375 FP, has an 80% chance of Gold Excitement