D-Raptor is a fanmade Dromaeodaurid Vivosaur.

Flavor text descriptionEdit

Bio: With support effects boosting every stat in its team and strong attack and Poison skills, D-Raptor is a potent ally for any team. Its defense, however, hampers its AZ capabilities. 

Genus: Dakotaraptor

Fossilary: This large raptor lived in the same time as Tyrannosaurus and probably used its arms to keep its balance during feeding.

In-battle statsEdit

Element: Fire

Support Effects: Own AZ

Attack + 20

Defense + 20 

Accuracy +20

Speed + 20

Own stats are:Edit

Attack: 95

Defense: 35

Accuracy: 100

Speed: 130


Tomahawk Slash: 50 base damage, 50 FP

Spiritual Poison: 75 base damage, 50% Chance of silver poison, 75 FP

Toxic Axe: 100 base damage, 80% chance of gold posion, 90 FP

Spiritual Motivation: 100% Chance of platinum enflame, 25 FP

Team skill: Tribal Onslaught-  150 base damage, 75% Chance of golden enrage, 150 FP


  • D-Raptor's appearance is modeled after the Sioux tribe of the Dakotas.