Levia is a fan made vivosaur made by Charizard Rider.

Flavor text DescriptionEdit

A large Marine vivosaur, Levia's bes spot is the SZ, where its range is at maximum, with support effects that raise the attack of its allies at the cost of some accuracy.


"This prehistoric sperm whale once went by the name Leviathan, but was renamed into Livyatan."


  • Burning ram- does 120 base damage, 95 FP
  • Volcanic Rage- does 240 base damage, 290 FP
  • Lava Geyser- 140 base damage, hits entire team, 310 FP
  • Inferno enflame- Does platinum enflame, 70 FP

Team Skill: Volcanic Doom- hits entire team, 50% chance for platinum scare


  • is a fire element despite being a marine mammal
  • rival to Mogaeld (Megalodons and Livyatans competed for food, and Megalodons ate Livyatans, vice versa.)