"I never give up. No matter how hard everything is, I will never fall down."

Matthew Roberts is a fan made protagonist of TOGYSITPL's Fossil Fighters: Final Demolition series.

Interests and Background Edit

  • Vivosaurs
  • Paleontology 
  • Comic Books 
  • Math 
  • Favorite Food: Hamburgers 
  • Height: 5'2 
  • Weight: 90 lbs 
  • REALLY likes video games 
  • Dedicated his entire life to viviosaurs and paleontology  
  • For some reason, carries a T-rex head were ever he goes 

Favorite Vivosaurs Edit


  • U-Raptor
  • Carchar
  • Raiden
  • Andrarch
  • V-Raptor
  • Aeros
  • Igno
  • Spino

Feats Edit

(Has yet to be answered)