Ostafrika is a fanmade vivosaur made by Char. It is based off the Genus Ostafrikasaurus.


Ostafrika has the Sucho model, with the flag of Tanzania on both of its sides and an Onyx-like face, but with thicker teeth. Its sail is small and stout, typical of Baryonyx-type Spinosaurs. It's mainly green with hints of blue.

Flavor Text DescriptionEdit

Despite its strentgh being prominent in the AZ, Ostafrika packs some killer support effects in the SZ. Use its FP Plus in tandem with strong allies to make a near-unstoppable team.


Thought to be the earliest known Spinosaurid.

Battle StatsEdit

Best Range: Close

Element: Water

Ability; FP Plus- Extra FP is given on your turn.

Lentgh: 26 feet (Medium)

Attack: 85

Defense: 60

Accuracy: 100

Speed: 90

Support effects: applied to own AZ

Attack: +50

Defense: +5

Accuracy: +50

Speed: + 5


Eastern Bite: 70 base damage, 80 FP

Zanzibar Combo: 80 base damage, 50% Chance of Silver Excite, 100 FP

Tabora Toxin: 110 base damage, 70% Chance of gold Poison, 150 FP

Power Scale: Equalize FP, 50 FP

Team Skill: Kilimanjaro Cannon- 150 base damage, 200 FP


Ostafrika's design is based off the country it was discovered in, Tanzania.