Plio Is a water element vivosaur made by Charizard Rider.

Flavor text description: the strongest long-range water vivosaur, Plio has a devastating set of skills. Try Horror Jaws to deliver a massive damage boost if the opponent is scared!

Genus: Pliosaurus

Fossilary: This marine reptile Was formerly named predator x for its mystery. Cool eh?

Ability: Parting Blow- boosts attack if ko is imminent.


  • Mega-bite- deals 120 base damage, 50% gold poison- 50 fp
  • Bleeder crunch: 240 base damage, 50% infection- 150 fp
  • Terror Bite: 250 base damage, 100% gold scare- 250 fp
  • Horror Jaws: 300 base damage, 2x if scared- 450 fp
  • Team skill: Charybdis- 350 base damage, 2x if poisoned, 600 fp