Terato is a fanmade vivosaur made by Hellfire King Char. 


Terato is a Tyrannosaur-model vivosaur,  with a bloody and scarred appearance as well as some blaack and red feathers on his back, as well as a tail that looks like a scythe at the end. His appearance is meant to invoke the feeling of a murderous beast.

Flavor Text DescriptionEdit

This menacing Vivosaur is a truly formidable foe. Its Reaper's Fury skill packs top-notch power, as well this thing having some serious scare techniques. It also has Infection and Excite skills to keep the enemy in check. However, it should be kept away from water-element foes at all costs. 


Element- Fire

Ability- Solo Power (Extra strong when alone)


Murderous Roar- Attacks entire enemy team, 95 base damage, 100 FP

Death's Combo- 120 base Damage, 80% Chance of gold excite, 175 FP

Reaper's Fury- 170 base damage,  90% chance of gold scare, 250 FP

Hellish Toxin - 0 Base Damage, 100% chance of infection, 75 FP

Team Skill- Murderer's Blast- 200 Base Damage, 300 FP


This creature's name  literally means Monstrous Murderer. Scary!

Genus: Teratophoneus

Era: Cretaceous

Discovered: USA


Char got the idea for Terato's appearance by seeing Lythro from Fossil FIghters Frontier.