Tsukidon is a fanmade vivosaur made by Zinniax-13

Flavor text description: A graceful vivosaur with the power of the moon.  Its immense power comes from the light of the moon.

Fossilary: The vivosaur of the moon of ancient legends.  It draws power from the moon to Bring order to the night.

Element: Legend

Abvility: Moon's Power- Deals 50% extra damage against sleeping targets.


  • Lunar-Slash- 50 damage, 25% chance of silver sleep. 80 FP
  • Lunatic-Frenzy- 100 damage, 75% chance of silver sleep. 185 FP
  • Moon's-Aura-70 damage to all enemies, 35% chance of gold sleep.  350 FP
  • Team-Skill: Eternal-Nightmare- 120 damage to all enemies: 50% chance of gold sleep, 50% chance of silver fear. 800 FP


This vivosaur is inspired by the moon god, Tsukioni

Tends to be very calm, and prefers to stop enemies from fighting through sleep.

Is said to help protect the grace of night.

Was created by the moon's power shining on a frozen glacier that reflected its power to form it.